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Esha is a current student at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a career in nanotechnology engineering. The program allows her to explore her passion in physics, biology, and chemistry, learn the applications of programming, and apply it to design projects, future jobs, and most importantly everyday life.

She has lived in 4 countries around the world seeing the difference in education systems from private schools to public schools in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, and Canada; each teacher and classmate had given her a new learning experience to add to the list.

She adores learning about the intersections in neuroscience and technology and their applications in the world and hopes on taking a career in working with wearable technology such as Brain Computer Interfaces.

Over the years, she has learned her strengths and noticed her weaknesses only to improve each day. Watch her grow and learn all through her projects on this website.

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Highlighting My Most Memorable Experiences, Roles, and Learnings

Tutor ~ Advanced Learning Centre

Attended to questions and needs of students, teachers, and parents. Adapted to working with children ages 5 to 15 and accomadated each student based on their academic needs.

Chief Operating Officer ~ Girl Up Oakville

Planned three successful events, including a university workshop that raised over $500 to send 20 girls in Kenya to school. My role specifically was to lead and manage conflict within a team of 8 people to plan the influential events.

Residence Ambassador ~ University of Waterloo

Residence Ambassadors are students currently living in Residence who give insightful and engaging tours of our residence facilities to prospective students and their families. I have memorized a script and learned to adapt based on tour group sizes, and attention spans to host an engaging experience.



University of Waterloo

Candidate for a Canada's first accredited Nanotechnology Engineering program, pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Sciences and seeking an internship for the summer of 2023.


The Woodlands Secondary School

Honour Roll student and actively participated in clups. Ranked provincially in DECA. Founder of The Woodlands chapter of Jack.org. Graduated with an average of 95%+ with the Ontario Scholar Award.


Shad Canada

Developed my learning in STEM through keynote speakers, group activities, and experiments and apply it to the final design project, to allow Canadians to treat our freshwater with more respect.


The Knowledge Society (TKS)

Applied real-world skills such as networking at the ELEVATE conference, project managing groups for hackathons, and learned about emerging technologies and mindsets important for becoming future CEOs.


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An Autonomous Future.

Human Error is everywhere. People are just trying to get from point A to point B. The anomalies in between are commonly out of our control, you’d have to be perfect to avoid them; we are human after all...

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Period Blood is not Bad Blood.

Can period blood can be held in?? Sorry to burst your bubble, there is no stopping Mother Nature’s flow. Most girls tend to have little to no knowledge about their own reproductive systems; Men and boys typically know even less...

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The Quick Development of Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Imagine waking up one day to the sound of an internal alarm, and instantly be connected to the internet; you can rewatch the wondrous dream that you’d forgotten...

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